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Starlight Cradle Update

Rise and shine Knights!

Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and take a look at some of the changes and new additions you’ll find in the game:

Starlight Cradle levels can be found in T2 and T3.

- These levels are part of normal gate rotation, not a new mission set.

- These levels may contain a drowsy Sloom, the fearsome Sloombargo, and other slimes.

- You may also stumble across some optional danger rooms that will give you a run for your money.

- Gates will be cycled after release so that some starlight cradle levels are immediately available.

- Zee cores will now drop from these levels and can be used in the crafting of some new gear (see below).

Reintroduction of the “sleep” status.

- This has been reworked.

- Sleep will render a victim completely unresponsive until woken.

- Because sleep can be rejuvenating, you may notice a small (and limited) heal upon waking up.

- If you find yourself asleep and vulnerable, look to a party member to wake you up with “gentle” poke of a bullet or blade.

- Remedy should wake you from sleep. Think of it as a dose of caffeine.

- After sleep you will acquire an 'alert' status that protects you from sleep for a few moments.

New Helms and Armor

- Padded Demo Helm

- Padded Demo Suit

- Padded Hunting Cap

- Padded Hunting Coat

- Quilted Demo Helm

- Quilted Demo Suit

- Quilted Hunting Cap

- Quilted Hunting Coat

- Starlit Demo Helm

- Starlit Demo Suit

- Starlit Hunting Cap

- Starlit Hunting Coat

New Weapons

- Advanced Cautery Sword

- Amputator

- Slumber Smogger

- Slumber Smogger Mk II

- Slumber Squall

- Torpor Tantrum

Knight Statues are now available.

- If Bechamel is installed in a guild, she will now sell knight statues of knights for energy. When in Haven, Bechamel will not offer to sell statues.

- Statues are a furniture item depicting your knight wearing what you wore when you purchased it.

- There are multiple sizes of statues to purchase.

- Warning: Review all parts of the statute carefully in the preview window. There are no refunds for mistaken wardrobe choices or refunds if a particular accessory or aura does not display correctly.

- A guild may only have 8 statues placed in their hall at any given time.

- You may need to ‘publish’ your guild hall to get the new option from Bechamel.

Additional Changes:

- Guild officers and above can sell materials in their treasury to birdsong for half the normal price. This should help guilds clear unwanted items from their inventory.

- In Lockdown, the Guardian’s shield now has more health.

- A few changes to the chat filter to remove ‘Gay’ and ‘muff’. Be aware that it is still against the Terms of Service to use any of these words in a derogatory fashion and we will take action accordingly.

- Fixed some issues with placing furniture near the entrance of a guild hall.

- Fixed a small graphics glitch in Firestorm Citadel, Charred Court.

Diamonds Are Forever!

Greetings Knights!

Adventurous knights are constantly under pressure in the Clockworks. Few substances have the strength to handle it like Diamond. What better way to prove that than to use it as armor? As an added bonus, you’ll be able to blind your enemy with its flawless brilliance.

This month Spiral HQ will start the process of completing the gem sets for those who were waiting for a specific month.

The Diamond Prize Box contains items such as:

  • Diamond Aura
  • Floating Diamonds
  • Diamond Disciple Wings
  • Diamond Crown
  • Diamond Wolver Tail
  • Diamond Cat Tail
  • Diamond Costume and Accessories

Spiral Knights Anniversary Celebration

Happy Birthday Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is SIX years old!

Come help us celebrate Spiral Knights' birthday!

Help Biscotti, the Skylark's Head Chef, avoid disaster in two special missions - Total Caketastrophe and A Gremlin in Knead. Fight Creep Cakes and Batterbots to earn Cake Slice tokens, then visit Maskwell in Haven Town Square to exchange your tokens for:

- Cake helms

- Anniversary Prize Boxes

- Other party accessories

Today through April 17, 2017: Spiral HQ has assembled prize boxes from the past year together into a Surprise Box. When you open a Surprise Box, you will randomly receive a past prize box and confetti. There is also a chance to find a Stately Cap costume helm! For details on this box and its contents, visit the wiki here.

Thank you all so much for playing Spiral Knights! We've had a busy year at Grey Havens setting up a new home for Cradle. We're excited that we're now able to focus more on the development of the game.

This year has seen the addition of the Casino, new items for guild halls, new PvP modes, new events, new items, various bug fixes, and a few new PvP maps. It's our hope that next year brings even more from our gremlin engineers who are already hard at work.

Hardcore Mode - Pipeline!

Greetings Knights,

Spiral HQ isn’t quite finished with you ambitious knights yet! Based on feedback, we’ve decided that one map simply isn’t enough. To that end, we’ve asked our gremlin to help engineer the following changes to lockdown this weekend:

  • New Map: Pipeline. This is a poison themed level to thwart knights who are ill-prepared. This map will still be available after the event is over, but will be seen fairly often for a while.
  • Auto-Target is off.
  • Control points once again have obstacles that will cause both teams a number of problems including status effects.

Side note:

On a Rocket Puppy map, be prepared to run from a hidden recon knight misdirecting rockets towards your face.

Chance Favors the Prepared

Cheers Knights!

The year is Marching on and Cradle is starting to thaw. In celebration of the annual renewal, Spiral HQ has released some new gear that’s sure to make your guildmates green with envy. Even knights without a green thumb have a chance to get their hands on one of 3 new auras or the Caladbolg.

The Lucky box contains items such as:

  • Lucky Aura
  • Clover Aura
  • Rainbow Aura
  • Bursting Pot O' Crowns (bomb)
  • Caladbolg (sword)
  • Rainbow (furniture)

This month we at Spiral HQ tip our helms, and mugs o’ brew, to ye mates! May yer pockets be heavy and yer heart be light. May good luck pursue ye each morning and knight.

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