Spiral HQ calls upon you to once again assist the Tortodrones on their Long Migration. This migration is proving irresistible to the fiendish denizens of the Clockworks, who are gathering tortodrone parts for mysterious purposes! Take up arms to investigate and defend against this terrible mischief, and explore the Clockworks to gather fiendish glyphs.

Be sure to collect Ancient Shell materials from the Ancient Grove to craft 3*, 4* and 5* Tortodrone handguns and shields at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine!

The Spiral HQ intel forecasting interns predicts the Tortodrone migration will continue through September 13th. We’re counting on you to protect the magnificent Tortodrones!

¡El Cosechador Apocreano está haciendo de las suyas otra vez y el Cuartel General necesita tu ayuda para hacerlo regresar a su estado latente! Para la información detallada de los encuentros anteriores de Cradle con esta nefasta entidad, mira aquí.

Desde hoy hasta el 2 de agusto aventúrate en la Meseta Prensil, libera almas atrapadas y obtén sellos Apocrean Sigil por tus heroicas hazañas. Después, usa esos sellos en el Obelisco de la Creación para crear armas Obsidian y Grasping Aura.

Nuestra información es clara, no quieres que te agarren solo ahí, definitivamente trae amigos contigo en esta misión ¡y trata de no perderlos de vista!

The Solstice Brings out the Kats

Attention Knights!

Spiral HQ is having their annual celebration of the sun during these long summer days. Through June 28, 2022, the Haven Treasury is offering Solstice Prize Boxes.

In these boxes, you may find the following items:

- Variant Tickets

- Crest of Summer / Crest of Winter

- Wings of Summer / Wings of Winter

- Sunshine Aura

- Snowfall Aura

- Crown of Winter / Crown of Summer

- Buckets of Snowballs

- Buckets of Bloons

- Jar of Fireflies

Each Solstice Prize Box also includes confetti and has a bonus chance of including one of the following: Bucket of Bloons, Bucket of Snowballs, Golden Slime Coins, 2-day trinket slot upgrade or to get a Jar of Fireflies. For details, head over here.

However be careful, these long summer days will sometimes lure Black Kats out of hiding. They're storming the Moorcroft Manor Archives and consuming the precious tomes within! We need all knights of rank 4-1 and greater to gear up and retrieve Ancient Pages from these nefarious creatures. The event will run through July 4th.

Accept the Kataclysmic Confrontation prestige mission and/or fight through kat levels in the Clockworks to find black kats. Then, visit Montague in Moorcroft Manor, or the Mysterious Alchemy Machine in Haven, with your collection of Ancient Pages, to craft some Kat related gear.

If you dare to perform a Dark Ritual and survive the encounter, you may find yourself in possession of a Black Kat Cowl or a Wicked Whisker which allow you to craft the following gear:

  • Kat Claw cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Hiss cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Eye cloak, mail, raiment
  • Black Kat cloak, mail, raiment, hood, mask

If you have participated in a previous Kataclysmic Confrontation and still have Ancient Page tokens, they are still valid! Ancient Page tokens do not expire.

Spiral Knights 11th Anniversary

Happy Birthday Spiral Knights!

Spiral Knights is now Eleven years old! Time marches on even in Haven.

Like every year, we celebrate with baked goods! So pick up your clever, and slice some cake. Help Biscotti, the Skylark's Head Chef, avoid disaster in two special missions - Total Caketastrophe and A Gremlin in Knead. Through April 18th, fight Creep Cakes and Batterbots to earn Cake Slice tokens, then visit Maskwell in Haven Town Square to exchange your tokens for:

- Cake helms

- Anniversary Prize Boxes

- Other party accessories

Keep your eye out for fun items in the depot, auction house, and perhaps even a giveaway!

Let The Luck O Knights Be With Ye!

To celebrate all things green, Spiral HQ has put the Lucky box for sale in the Supply Depot along with a few other items.

Act fast, as these will only be available for a limited time.

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