Golden Slime Casino Returns

Join Smitty and his gambling brethren at the Golden Slime Casino through June 11th.

Lucky knights have a chance to win lockboxes full of Slime related gear. The prize wheel has been updated, so spend those Golden Slime Coins now while you can. Try your luck at a Golden Slime Casino near you!

Feiere die Sonnenwende!

Statte deinen Knight mit Sommer- und Winter-Zubehör aus! Sonnwend-Preisboxen enthalten Sommer- und Winter-Zubehör, Konfetti, Varianten-Tickets und eine Bonus-Chance auf einen Bucket of Bloons.

Das Schatzamt von Haven bietet Sonnwend-Preisboxen für $4.95 pro Stück an, 5 Boxen für $19.95 und 14 Boxen für $49.95.

Im Ankündigungs-Thread findet ihr weitere Informationen!

Brave the Grasping Plateau!

The insidious Apocrea Harvester returns to Cradle to trap and harvest souls. This sinister being will pursue any soul who enters the Grasping Plateau to add to the collection. Work together with other knights to Free trapped souls, find Apocrean Sigil tokens, and beat it back into dormancy. Visit the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the Grasping Aura.

Obsidian Prize Boxes contain items from the realm of the Apocrea. Visit the Supply Depot to equip your knight in sinister helms and armors crafted from Obsidian.

Golden Slime Casino

Feeling lucky?

Snatch a shiny Golden Slime Coin from slain slimes and give the Golden Slime Casino wheel a spin!

We’re Going Grey

Spiral HQ has updated the game with several improvements!

You’ll find new Grey Havens logos, improved graphic options, and improved controller support.

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