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The Equinox Is Back!

The cosmos briefly swings into balance. The Strangers have brought forth celestially-themed offerings in the Equinox Prize Box, available to you through March 23rd:

  • Celestial Orbitgun
  • Celestial Vortex
  • Celestial Saber
  • Celestial Shield
  • Orbit Aura
  • Solar and Cosmic Plasma Wings
  • Celestial Dragon/Valkyrie Wings
  • Celestial Nav Helm and Suit
  • Galactic Guardian Helm and Vest
  • Celestial Accessories
  • Unique Variant Tickets

Keep an eye out for Nonna near the Haven fountain! It’s time to adopt a buddy who always has your back (or front).

Kats Slink Their Way Back into the Clockworks

Black kats are once again storming the Moorcroft Manor Archives and consuming the precious tomes within! We need all knights of rank 4-1 and greater to gear up and retrieve Ancient Pages from these nefarious creatures. The event will run through March 24th.

Accept the Kataclysmic Confrontation prestige mission and/or fight through kat levels in the Clockworks to find black kats. Then, visit Montague in Moorcroft Manor, or the Mysterious Alchemy Machine in Haven, with your collection of Ancient Pages, to craft some Kat related gear.

If you dare to perform a Dark Ritual and survive the encounter, you may find yourself in possession of a Black Kat Cowl or a Wicked Whisker which allow you to craft the following gear:

  • Kat Claw cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Hiss cloak, mail, raiment
  • Kat Eye cloak, mail, raiment
  • Black Kat cloak, mail, raiment, hood, mask

If you have participated in a previous and still have Ancient Page tokens, they are still valid! Ancient Page tokens do not expire

May the Luck o' Knights Be With Ye!


To celebrate all things green, Spiral HQ has put the Lucky box for sale in the Supply Depot along with a few other lucky charms.

Act fast, as these will only be available for a limited time.

Tortodrone Migration

Spiral HQ calls upon you to once again assist the Tortodrones on their Long Migration. This migration is proving irresistible to the fiendish denizens of the Clockworks, who are gathering tortodrone parts for mysterious purposes! Take up arms to investigate and defend against this terrible mischief, and explore the Clockworks to gather fiendish glyphs.

Be sure to collect Ancient Shell materials from the Ancient Grove to craft 3*, 4* and 5* Tortodrone handguns and shields at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine!

The Spiral HQ intel forecasting interns predicts the Tortodrone migration will continue through February 22. We’re counting on you to protect the magnificent Tortodrones!

Warm Gear, Cold Weather

Ice and cold: beautiful and deadly, just like you, you majestic beast.

Also, best experienced through the window of a warm abode, with a cup of hot cocoa in hand. Perhaps not like you. But who can say?

In any event, if you must go out into the winter weather, do it in style with the Polar Prize Box. Contents may include:

- Polar Warden Hoods (Day, Twilight, and Night)

- Polar Warden Coats (Day, Twilight, and Night)

- Polar accessories (including Lumberfell Beard, Smashing Mustache, et al)

- Polar Halo

- Polar Wolver Tail

- Polar Leafy Aura

Each box includes winter confetti and "flawed" snowballs for you to lob as you see fit, and a bonus chance for a bucket of snowballs.

The Polar Prize Box will remain available through February 13, 2023.

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