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Brave the Grasping Plateau!

The insidious Apocrea Harvester returns to Cradle to trap and harvest souls. This sinister being will pursue any soul who enters the Grasping Plateau to add to the collection. Work together with other knights to Free trapped souls, find Apocrean Sigil tokens, and beat it back into dormancy. Visit the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the Grasping Aura.

Fire it up!

The sensitive equipment at Spiral HQ has detected a temperature increase in the fiery depths. We know there are those who have been touched by Vog and given a blazing passion adventure. We need your assistance to ignite the courage in others, and cauterize the flow of enemies within the Clockworks.

These firebrand knights wear equipment specifically designed to blend into the smoldering environment. You’ll know who the most elite of these knights are by the burning embers they leave in their wake. When the smoke clears they are left singed, yet standing.

Contents include:

* Fiery Aura (new)

* Maskeraith Volcanic Egg

* Plated Pathfinder Armor (new)

* Plated Sentinel Armor (new)

* Plated Shade Armor (new)

* Plated Pathfinder Helm (new)

* Plated Sentinel Helm (new)

* Plated Shade Helm (new)

* Volcanic Accessories

* Other Volcanic Armor and Helms

Volcanic Prize Boxes are available from now through November 16th, 2016.

Below are a few additional improvements:

-Fixed name of Dangerous Slime Helm

-Fix dangerous box icon colors

-Fix missing tile in Firestorm Citadel’s Ashen Armory

-Fixes to help those using the client in the browser

Dark Harvest Festival!

Join the Strangers in the annual celebration of the Dark Harvest Festival. Pay tribute to the playful Punkin King and ensure an abundant fall harvest for Cradle!

Meet the Punkin King in the daily prestige mission or adventure in Clockwork Tunnels levels of the Clockworks for a chance to find this mischievous being. Trick or Treat, collect candy tokens and exchange them in Haven Town Square for festive masks and Harvest Prize Boxes. Be sure to visit the Mysterious Alchemy Machine to create your own Punkin Maskeraith Battle Sprite.

The spookiest season has returned to Cradle!

Rangers Lead the Way!

A few select knights are brave and crazy enough to drop behind enemy lines. Lieutenant Desna and her elite Recon Rangers are the first line of attack. Dangerous Prize Boxes feature items favored by Desna and the Rangers. Not only is this gear is designed to intimidate, but also do as much damage to the enemy as possible. As requested by Desna, their armor is equipped with razor-sharp spikes and other hazardous features, because “Even a dead Ranger should make their foes bleed.”

Recon Rangers are trained never to give up. Each Ranger is outfitted with a shield known as The Bitter End--the name serves as a reminder to all as to precisely how far a Recon Ranger is willing to go.

Contents include:

* Dangerous Dragon Wings (new)

* The Bitter End

* Anti-Personnel Spikes

* Dangerous themed armor and helms

* Dangerous themed accessories (new)

Dangerous 2016 Prize Boxes are available from now through October 18th, 2016.

The Balance in a Good Blade!

The Strangers pause each equinox and listen to the harmony of balance. To recognize this cosmic event, Spiral HQ has equipment and accessories for the Knights of the Spiral Order. For this equinox, try out the Celestial Orbitgun and Celestial Saber!

The Haven Treasury is offering Equinox Prize Boxes for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95. See the announcement post for more information!

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