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Return of the Rose Regalia!

Will your adventures become the stuff of folk tales? Perhaps, with the right combination of bravery and dashing good looks! Become a Knight of the Rose and equip your knight with chapeaux and tabards in three new colors: Garnet, Moonstone and Malachite.

Between now and January 20, 2014, receive a Rose Regalia Prize Box with each $9.95 spent in a single purchase. To celebrate the return of the Rose Regalia, each box will also include Leaf Confetti!

A Deluxe Start for the New Year!

Introducing the Deluxe Starter Pack! This new energy pack contains upgrades and unique gear to ensure any knight a deluxe start on Cradle!

Equip your knight with the Tri-Guard Armor, Tri-Guard Helm, and Green Ward Shield. Prepare for battle with a Red Saber, Static Flash and Chilling Duelist.

This pack also includes 7,500 Energy, a Weapon Slot Upgrade, 30 day Heat Amplifier and 10 Sparks of Life.

This energy pack can only be purchased once per account. The Deluxe Starter Pack will be available to accounts which have previously purchased the Starter or Party Pack.

Birdsong Trading Co. Giveaway!

The Strangers are celebrating the end of the year with gifts for the Knights of the Spiral Order. The Birdsong Trading Co. will be hosting a giveaway to all players through the end of Friday, January 3rd, 2014. All players logged in to the game will be eligible for hourly prize giveaways! Prizes include Party Hats, Blowouts, Eyes, Confetti, Fireworks, Sparks of Life, Shadow Keys and more!

Remember, the only way to be in the running is to be logged in and playing the game! Good luck and Happy New Year!

Celebrate the Solstice!

Which Solstice do you celebrate this month - summer or winter? The Solstice Prize Box has both! These special boxes require no key to open, and include Summer and Winter Accessories and Confetti, UV Tickets, and a bonus chance to receive a Bucket of Snowballs.

From now through the end of December 23rd, 2013, Haven Treasury is offering a Solstice Prize Box for every $9.95 spent on select energy purchases.

See the announcement post for the details and a complete list of prizes!

Grinchlin Assault!

The Grinchlins have vowed to destroy Impostoclaus and steal all his presents! Spiral HQ has located the Grinchlin base of operations on Mount Krampus and tasked you with putting an end to their humbug. Journey through the base to the summit. Your objective is to defeat the Grinchlins and their allies. This faction of Gremlins is very stingy and will not drop loot during battle. Their treasure is stored in shelters throughout the stronghold. Face a choice at each shelter - collect the loot and leave the mountain, or leave the treasure and continue further! Collect special materials from Mount Krampus to craft 5* Grinchlin weapons.

Knights who brave this dangerous mission to the summit, will have a chance to win Golden or Silver Solstice Rings. These 4* trinkets protect against fire and freeze with a +1 health bonus. Combine them together to craft a 5* Grand Solstice Ring trinket.

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