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Almirian Citadel!

Knights who brave the Firestorm Citadel see small glimpses of the splendor and magnificence that once was the Kingdom of Almire. Spiral HQ sent expeditions to study the kingdom and recover artifacts of daily life from before fire consumed the land. Haven Treasury has assembled the Almire Furniture Box to share these discoveries with knights in Haven.

Some items are charred beyond repair. Others are carefully restored to their former glory. Find chairs, rugs, tapestries, benches and tables from Almire for your Guild Hall. Will a Nature Sprite help your guild better commune with the Spirit Mother in her faraway realm?

Know Your Enemy!

Spiral HQ recently conducted an extensive study of the Jelly monster family. This research has produced a new line of slime gear and accessories. Knight Walkon, who was found sleeping in the Hall of Heroes, commented ‘So squishy!’ before he dozed off again.

Haven Treasury is offering Slime Prize Boxes for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for more information!

Return of the Apocrea!

The mysterious Apocrea Harvester returns to Cradle to trap and harvest souls. This sinister being will pursue any who enter the Grasping Plateau to add to the collection. Work together to free souls and find Apocrean Sigil tokens. Visit the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the new, Grasping Aura.

Also returning, Obsidian Prize Boxes contain items from the realm of the Apocrea. Visit the Supply Depot to equip your knight in sinister helms and armors crafted from Obsidian.

Wings of Fire and Ice!

Celebrate this solstice with new Wings of Summer and Winter! Solstice Prize Boxes include Summer and Winter Accessories and Confetti, UV Tickets, and a bonus chance to receive a Bucket of Bloons.

Haven Treasury is offering a Solstice Prize Box for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for more information!

A Raging Storm!

New costume items and accessories forged from the thunder and lightning of a tempestuous storm!

Rage Prize Boxes contain Raging helms and armor, crests, wings and a new accessory, the Tome of Rage. Call down the fury of the storm with the Rage Caller usable.

Rage Prize Boxes can be purchased for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

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