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Accessorize with Top-Notch Trinkets!

The Elite Trinket Box is available from the Supply Depot through October 24th!

Each box will contain an elite trinket to help boost your performance. These 5* trinkets increase attack speed, decrease charge time, increase damage, or give extra health. Each box includes a free Trinket Slot Upgrade!

Also at the Supply Depot, you can now purchase Name Change Passes for your knight or guild!

Dangerous Times!

From September 25th through October 6th, all Danger Missions will be available daily! Daring knights will have multiple opportunities each day to face off against deadly scenarios.

There is also a brand new Dangerous Prize Box available in the Supply Depot to give you a fighting edge! Featuring items selected by Lieutenant Desna, the Dangerous Prize Box bristles with elite armor and weaponry used by the Recon Rangers themselves.

Assemble Your Battle Sprite Forces!

You can now complete your collection of battle sprites through the Supply Depot! Starter battle sprites can now be acquired in delightfully cute pods that are unbound upon purchase. Once released from their cozy, kennel-like pod, the battle sprite will bond with the first knight that it sees.

Through September 8th, 2013, all battle sprites purchased from the Supply Depot will be sold at a 10% discount!

Indulge in a Gourmet Prize Box!

Gourmet Prize Boxes are available in the Supply Depot through September 8th!

Each of these pleasantly aromatic prize boxes has been curated by Biscotti herself to ensure the quality of its content, and to guarantee that every box contains an exclusive chef-themed item. Bravely cleave your way through the Clockworks wearing colorful chefs hats and coats!

Emberlight Adoption Drive!

Nonna, a representative for the Emberlight Adoption Agency, has returned once again to the Haven Town Square! She's offering adorable pocket pets to brave knights capable of protecting and providing for them.

Nonna will be in town through September 8th, 2013. She will return sometime in the future, but you never know which monsters she will have available for adoption!

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