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Apocrean Solstice


The heat of the Summer Solstice has lured the Apocrean Harvester to claim more souls. Spiral HQ needs your help!

From now through July 5th, venture onto the Grasping Plateau, free trapped souls, and earn Apocrean Sigil tokens for your bravery. Then, use these tokens at the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the Grasping Aura.

For a detailed brief on Cradle's previous encounters with this nefarious entity, go here.

We refuse to let the Harvester ruin a good Solstice celebration. Rumor has it the Havester isn't a fan of sunshine. What better way to welcome him than to bring a little bit of it with you into the Grasping Plateau? From now through June 28, 2017, the Haven Treasury is offering Solstice Prize Boxes.

In these boxes, you may find the following items:

- Variant Tickets

- Crest of Summer / Crest of Winter

- Wings of Summer / Wings of Winter

- Sunshine Aura

- Snowfall Aura

- Crown of Winter / Crown of Summer

The Solstice Prize boxes are available through June 28th.

Pearls of Wisdom

Cheers Knights!

Particularly purposeful knights have long since presumed that you can’t pilfer a pearl without some grit. This perspective provides knights the prudence to prepare for peril and avoid pitfalls.

The Pearl Prize Box contains items such as:

  • Pearl Aura
  • Floating Pearls
  • Pearl Disciple Wings
  • Pearl Crown
  • Pearl Wolver Tail
  • Pearl Cat Tail
  • Pearl Costume and Accessories

Tortodrones on the Move!

Since the troubles with the last Tortodrone Migration, Spiral HQ established a monitoring station in the Ancient Grove. Recon Knights there report an increase in activity and suspect the Fiends have returned to the Grim Gates. Spiral HQ is sending you to investigate!

Gather intel and Fiendish Glyphs from Fiends in the Clockworks. Explore the Ancient Grove and collect Ancient Shell materials. Craft new Tortodrone handguns at the mysterious alchemy machine!

Going Greener

Greetings Knights!

The seasons never change in the Aurora Isles, but the breeze feels a bit warmer. Flowers are blooming, slimes are swarming, and Spiral HQ is seeing an overgrowth of green. In hopes of helping knights camouflage themselves in all the new foliage, Spiral HQ has released some new gear that’s sure to make your guildmates green with envy.

The Emerald Prize Box contains items such as:

  • Emerald Aura
  • Floating Emeralds
  • Emerald Disciple Wings
  • Emerald Crown
  • Emerald Wolver Tail
  • Emerald Cat Tail
  • Emerald Costume and Accessories

Starlight Cradle Update

Rise and shine Knights!

Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and take a look at some of the changes and new additions you’ll find in the game:

Starlight Cradle levels can be found in T2 and T3.

- These levels are part of normal gate rotation, not a new mission set.

- These levels may contain a drowsy Sloom, the fearsome Sloombargo, and other slimes.

- You may also stumble across some optional danger rooms that will give you a run for your money.

- Gates will be cycled after release so that some starlight cradle levels are immediately available.

- Zee cores will now drop from these levels and can be used in the crafting of some new gear (see below).

Reintroduction of the “sleep” status.

- This has been reworked.

- Sleep will render a victim completely unresponsive until woken.

- Because sleep can be rejuvenating, you may notice a small (and limited) heal upon waking up.

- If you find yourself asleep and vulnerable, look to a party member to wake you up with “gentle” poke of a bullet or blade.

- Remedy should wake you from sleep. Think of it as a dose of caffeine.

- After sleep you will acquire an 'alert' status that protects you from sleep for a few moments.

New Helms and Armor

- Padded Demo Helm

- Padded Demo Suit

- Padded Hunting Cap

- Padded Hunting Coat

- Quilted Demo Helm

- Quilted Demo Suit

- Quilted Hunting Cap

- Quilted Hunting Coat

- Starlit Demo Helm

- Starlit Demo Suit

- Starlit Hunting Cap

- Starlit Hunting Coat

New Weapons

- Advanced Cautery Sword

- Amputator

- Slumber Smogger

- Slumber Smogger Mk II

- Slumber Squall

- Torpor Tantrum

Knight Statues are now available.

- If Bechamel is installed in a guild, she will now sell knight statues of knights for energy. When in Haven, Bechamel will not offer to sell statues.

- Statues are a furniture item depicting your knight wearing what you wore when you purchased it.

- There are multiple sizes of statues to purchase.

- Warning: Review all parts of the statute carefully in the preview window. There are no refunds for mistaken wardrobe choices or refunds if a particular accessory or aura does not display correctly.

- A guild may only have 8 statues placed in their hall at any given time.

- You may need to ‘publish’ your guild hall to get the new option from Bechamel.

Additional Changes:

- Guild officers and above can sell materials in their treasury to birdsong for half the normal price. This should help guilds clear unwanted items from their inventory.

- In Lockdown, the Guardian’s shield now has more health.

- A few changes to the chat filter to remove ‘Gay’ and ‘muff’. Be aware that it is still against the Terms of Service to use any of these words in a derogatory fashion and we will take action accordingly.

- Fixed some issues with placing furniture near the entrance of a guild hall.

- Fixed a small graphics glitch in Firestorm Citadel, Charred Court.

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