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Happy Anniversary Spiral Knights!

Spiral Knights is celebrating its second anniversary with a special event! Join in on the fun now through April 16, 2013!

Visit the Haven Town Square to meet the Skylark's Head Chef, Biscotti. She will inform you of a 'situation' at hand that involves hordes of monstrous cakes known as 'Creep Cakes.' Helping her solve this 'situation' will reward you with cake helms and prize boxes!

Check out the announcement for more details and a complete prize list.

Feel the Love... Forever!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a love that lasts forever! For a limited time, purchase the new Forever Love Puppy Mask from the Supply Depot. Just like true love, this adorable costume mask never expires!

But the love doesn't stop there my dear Valentines. Select energy purchases will also receive a FREE Love Aura accessory!

The Love Aura emits a soft shower of gently floating hearts above your head wherever you go. It's the perfect way to tell your friends, guild mates or that special love puppy that you want them to be your Valentine!

Offer available through February 19, 2013. Love Aura is delivered unbound at time of purchase.


Ghostly Elegance for Your Guild Hall!

In the wake of a black kat attack, the ghostly residents of Moorcroft Manor are in need of funds to repair their Archives. Teaming up with the Haven Treasury, Moorcroft Manor is having a fire sale of all its extra furnishings and they can be a part of your Guild Hall!

From now until 12:00 PM PDT on February 13th, 2013, we're giving away free Moorcroft Prize Boxes with select energy purchases!

Each Moorcroft Prize Box has a special prize inside. Possible prizes include wide array of ornate, Victorian-style furnishings, such as the velvet covered Antique Benches, faintly glowing Gaslamps as well as spooky Moorcroft items like the Skull Piles. Not only that, but a lucky few players may find the very rare Cursed and Mystical Tome Stands or even a Curious Mewkat to wander around your Guild Hall!

Kataclysmic Confrontation!

Someone or something has summoned a horde of cursed black kats into the Clockworks. These shadowy beasts hunger for arcane power and raided the Moorcroft Manor Archives' precious collection of magical grimoires.

In the wrong hands these ancient tomes could be kata- er, catastrophic, but it turns out that black kats can't read, so they instead decided to just eat them.

The residents of Moorcroft Manor would like you to retrieve the Ancient Pages of the magical grimoires that quite likely reside in the stomachs of black kats. We'll leave you to figure out just how to recover them...

Announcing Battle Sprites!

Hail Knights!

I wanted to provide the community with a sense of what's coming up in a future update to Spiral Knights.

Our recent projects, including Guild Halls, were selected based in part on feedback from players, both in the forums and from some of the surveying we do from time to time. The requests are, of course, many and varied; however, one of the frequently requested features for the game has been pets.

We've been exploring some ideas that combine elements of a pet-like feature to increase the variety and type of play available to players. We're calling this project 'Battle Sprites'.

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