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Battle in the Stadium and Mines!

Join the battle in two new Lockdown maps!

Stadium - Utilize team-only barriers and bombshells for a home field advantage in an arena with plenty of space for large battles.

Mines - Carve and blast your way through a stone-filled mine. Open up assault paths or leave stones in place to delay the competition.

These new maps are now available to all players brave enough to enter King Krogmo's Coliseum!

A Celebration of Fire and Ice!

In celebration of the Summer and Winter Solstices the Haven Treasury is offering a special Solstice Prize Box for every $9.95 spent in a single energy purchase!

From now until 11:00 AM PDT on June 26th, 2012, you'll earn a free Solstice Prize Box for every $9.95 you spend in a single energy purchase. That's 2 Prize Boxes for purchasing a $19.95 package, 6 Prize Boxes for purchasing a Party Pack, or even more!

Solstice Prize Boxes require NO KEY to open!

Plus, Solstice Prize Box also includes random handfuls of Summer and Winter Confetti as well as a chance to receive even more prizes: Trinket Slot and Weapon Slot Upgrades, Krogmo Coin Boosters and Heat Amplifiers!

Find the Perfect Party!

A Party Finder feature has been added that allows players to find parties in the Arcade and on Missions.

Simply press the 'Party Finder' button on the top of your screen and wait as it attempts to find parties for you near your current Rank. Available parties will populate your Notifications window and will adjust in real time so long as the Party Finder is toggled.

Unleash Your Wildside!

Unleash your wild side with exotic, fully animated Cat Tails and the rabbit-like Extra Vertical Vents! These all-new accessories that are being given away FREE with a $9.95 energy purchase!

Offer available through June 11, 2012

All accessories are delivered UNBOUND. Click 'Learn More' for a full list of accessories.

Get an Energy Boost!

For a limited time get a BONUS 15% more Energy with any Energy package purchase!

Offer valid through May 28, 2012.

Offer excludes gift-able energy packs such as the gift-able energy packs acquired with the Party Pack and Battle Royale Pack.

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