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A Frenzied Power!

Harness the frenzy of a raging storm with new costume items and accessories!

Frenzy Prize Boxes contain Frenzy helms and armors, crests, wings and a new accessory, the Sealed Pauldrons. Summon the frenzy of the storm with the Frenzy Caller usable.

Frenzy Prize Boxes can be purchased for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95. See the announcement post for more information!

Happy 4th Anniversary Spiral Knights!

Join Spiral HQ and the Strangers as they celebrate the 4th anniversary of Spiral Knights! Help Biscotti, the Skylark's Head Chef, avoid caketastrophe in two special missions. Fight Creep Cakes and Batterbots to earn Cake Slice tokens. Visit Maskwell in Haven Town Square to exchange tokens for cake helms, Anniversary Prize Boxes and other party-themed accessories.

Spiral HQ has assembled prize boxes from the past year together into a Surprise Box. When you open a Surprise Box you will randomly receive a past prize box and confetti. There is also a chance to find a Stately Cap costume helm. The Haven Treasury is offering the Surprise Box 2015 for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

The Birdsong Trading Company is having 3 days of giveaways for the Spiral Knights Anniversary celebration! Be logged into the game for the chance to win party hats, confetti and other special prizes.

See the announcement post for the complete schedule of events and all the details!

Celestial Balance!

Pause with the Strangers to enjoy the harmony in the celestial sphere at this equinox. To recognize this cosmic event, Spiral HQ has equipment and accessories for the Knights of the Spiral Order. Bring balance to your knight with new celestial accessories!

The Haven Treasury is offering the Equinox Prize Box for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95. See the announcement post for more information!

Investigate the Ancient Grove!

The Strangers announce it's time for the Long Migration! Tortodrones are again being called on a mysterious journey, and can be seen traveling through the Clockworks.

The Recon Knights from the monitoring station in the Ancient Grove report an increase in Fiend activity near the Grim Gates. Spiral HQ needs you to put a stop to their nefarious activities!

Gather intel and Fiendish Glyphs from Fiends in the Clockworks. Explore the Ancient Grove and collect Ancient Shell materials. Craft Tortodrone shields and handguns at the mysterious alchemy machine!

Verdant Blooms!

Winter begins to thaw on Cradle and signs of spring are everywhere! Flower blossoms float in the air, dust bunnies are overrunning the compounds, and the first yellow snipes are appearing in Guild Halls. Embrace spring with verdant costumes and accessories from Budding Prize Boxes!

Budding Prize Boxes are available for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for more information!

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