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Birdsong Trading Co. giveaway!

The Strangers are celebrating the end of the year with gifts for the Knights of the Spiral Order. The Birdsong Trading Co. will be hosting a giveaway to all players through the end of January 3rd, 2015. All players logged in to the game will be eligible for hourly prize giveaways! Prizes include Party Hats, Blowouts, Eyes, Confetti, Fireworks, Sparks of Life, Shadow Keys and more!

Remember, the only way to be in the running is to be logged in and playing the game! Good luck and Happy New Year!

Happy Winterfest!

As the weather turns cold and the snow begins to fall, the Strangers and snipes invite you to celebrate Winterfest. Impostoclaus arrives to bring delight and glee to all creatures of Cradle. However, some Gremlins say "Humbug!" and plan to stop Impostoclaus and destroy Winterfest!

Stop the Grinchlins from destroying Winterfest with two daily prestige missions.

Save Winterfest! Help Impostoclaus deliver presents to the children of Emberlight. Feed him milk and cookies to keep him strong. Protect him from Grinchlins and collect Winter Wish tokens. Exchange Winter Wishes with Randolph in Haven Town Square for festive helms, winter confetti, and snowballs.

Grinchlin Assault! Raid the Grinchlin stronghold on Mount Krampus to stop them from ruining Winterfest! Make your way through the compound, all the way to the summit to find special 4* Solstice Ring trinkets. Combine them together to make the 5* Grand Solstice Ring trinket!

Visit the Supply Depot for Decoration Kits for your guild hall, and gift boxes to wrap your gifts and attach a note!

Bundle Up During Winterfest!

The wind blows cold on Mount Krampus this winter. Be sure to bundle up with new Polar Warden hoods and coats. These costumes come in Day, Night and Twilight. Polar Prize Boxes also contain Polar accessories, winter confetti and snowballs!

Polar Prize Boxes are available for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for more information!

The Season of Fire and Ice!

Now is the season of fire and ice! Celebrate the solstice with items of summer and winter. Solstice Prize Boxes include summer and winter accessories, confetti, UV tickets and buckets of snowballs!

Haven Treasury is offering a Solstice Prize Box for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for more information!

Fancy Yourself A Gunslinger?

We have a game update today with new handguns, helms and armors! This new gear expands the arsenal available to knights who favor handguns, giving them more flexibility and resilience in the changing environments of the Clockworks. The update also makes changes to some existing handguns to improve balance and player experience.

Be sure to read over the patch notes for more information on all the new gear!

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