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Get an Energy Boost!

For a limited time get a BONUS 15% more Energy with any Energy package purchase!

Offer valid through May 28, 2012.

Offer excludes gift-able energy packs such as the gift-able energy packs acquired with the Party Pack and Battle Royale Pack.

Save the Rescue Camp!

The Crash Site, Rescue Camp and Rescue Camp Missions have been revamped. New players will now meet their pal Rhendon and join him as they save the Rescue Camp from the monsters that lurk in the dark and the evil gremlin Schemer, Razwog.

This new experience is a taste of what's to come in the Spiral Knights story. Stay tuned!

Adopt a Baby Monster!

Nonna, a representative for the Emberlight Adoption Agency has come to Haven seeking Knights to care for baby monsters that have lost their way in the Clockworks!

Nonna will be in town through April 30th, 2012. She will return sometime in the future, but you never know which monsters she will have available for adoption!

Build the Ultimate Weapon!

A new update to Spiral Knights has arrived that includes a new feature to Punch's Variant Forge in the Haven Bazaar. Now you can 'lock' Unique Variants when purchasing variant tickets! The ultimate weapon or armor is now at your grasp!

Also included in this update is a brand-new character creation interface with new options and more!

Get a FREE Mirrored Lockbox!

Receive a FREE Mirrored Lockbox for every $9.95 spent in a single energy purchase! For a limited time, every $9.95 spent in a single energy purchase will award you with a new Mirrored Lockbox!

Mirrored Lockboxes contain one random item that will change your Knight's appearance, such as height modifiers and eyes. A Mirrored Lockbox requires a Silver Key to open. Silver Keys are available from the Supply Depot.

Offer available through April 22, 2012

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