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It's time for an Energy Boost!

From now through Tuesday, August 28, 2012, the Haven Treasury has declared an Energy Boost! During that time, when you buy crystal energy, you'll automatically get an extra 15%!

NOTE: This includes all available crystal energy packs *except* the gift-able packs that come as part of the Party Pack and the Battle Royale Pack.

Radio SEGA Interview with Nick Popovich

The fine folks over at Radio SEGA recently interviewed the Lead Designer of Spiral Knights, Nick Popovich.

Click 'Learn More' to hear how Nick got into game development, why he can destroy you in Galaga 88' and how to join the Radio SEGA guild!

Become a Hunter of the Wilds!

Been sticking out like a sore thumb in Wolver Dens? Camouflage your knight appropriately with the deep green look of a true forest hunter! From now until 10:00 AM PDT on August 20th, 2012, the Haven Treasury is giving away free Hunter Prize Boxes with select energy purchases!

Each Hunter Prize Box has a special prize inside. Possible prizes include unique variant tickets, as well as a variety of brand new deep green Hunter items, like Hunter Accessories, some fine Hunter costume gear, or even the very rare Green Leafy Aura! Each box also includes random handfuls of Leaf Confetti, and a chance to receive even more prizes: Slot Upgrades, Heat Amplifiers, and more!

Oh, and remember: Hunter Prize Boxes require no key to open, and all items found inside a Hunter Prize Box are unbound, so share with your friends!

Face Maulos in the Heart of Ice!

Join Desna's Recon Rangers and explore the fiendish city of Amu-Sol. This frozen wasteland is home to a deranged and devilish cult plotting to put the entire Clockworks into a permanent state of deep freeze!

The entirety of Amu-Sol is swarming with frozen souls and deep within the heart of the city lies the source of it all: the cult's powerful leader, Maulos and a towering column of pure everfrost.

Heart of Ice is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

Danger Awaits in Compound 42!

Spiral HQ has uncovered a gremlin bioweapons facility deep within the Clockworks. It is believed that this facility belongs to a member of the Crimson Order known only as ‘Herex.’ The Recon Rangers have been tasked with infiltrating the facility and uncovering the nature of Herex’s bioweapons before they are put to use.

Compound 42 is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

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