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Battle on the Avenue!

Battle over a snow-swept cityscape where the snow is not just for shoveling, but great for throwing at other knights!


- A 3 CP map where the combat is fast and frigid - watch out for those snowballs!

- Open up even faster routes to your CP via a back door button

- The Slush Puppy in the central square guards plenty of snowballs, but it won't be happy if you try to take them!

Official Soundtrack Volume II Available Now!

The Spiral Knights Official Soundtrack Volume II is now available! This two disc set features twenty three high quality, extended, remixed and remastered tracks by composer Harry Mack!

Spiral Knights Soundtracks make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys music that is awesome, or dreams about Love Puppies at night. Get your copy today!

Guild Hall Expansion!

The Spiral Order has been hard at work remodeling your Guild Hall! All existing Guild Halls have been replaced with the basic version of the all-new expandable Guild Hall, now accessible from the newly opened Garrison in the east side of Haven.

Customize and expand your Guild Hall by adding more rooms, more floors, and more guild members! Let your Guild Hall cater to all your members' needs by adding vendor services and community storage! Personalize your guild to your heart's content by leaving a message of the day for your guildmates, naming rooms, and showing off your decorating skills by placing all kinds of fancy furniture with the new Design Mode!

In celebration of the Garrison's completion, Spiral HQ is giving every active knight a free Battle Stand furniture item and special rank appropriate Honor Blade and Honor Guard set. Get into your ceremonial dress and report to the new Guild Halls and Hall of Heroes right away! That's an order!

Celebrate the Dark Harvest Festival!

The Dark Harvest Festival is now being celebrated in Haven and will end on November 1st! This annual event honors the mischievous Punkin King in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest for Haven. All Clockwork Tunnels-style levels like Power Complexes and Blast Furnaces now have a chance of featuring special rooms inhabited by the Punkin King. Simply hop on the party pad and discover if the Punkin King has candy tokens or something else in store for you!

There is also a Prestige Mission available daily throughout the event that gives you a guaranteed encounter with the Punkin King.

Both via the Arcade or the Prestige Mission, Tier 1 awards the fewest candy tokens while Tier 3 the most candy tokens.

Candy tokens come in three varieties (Hard Candy, Sour Candy and Sweet Candy) and can be exchanged in the Haven Town Square for festive masks and prize boxes!

Hack into a Surge Prize Box!

A faint distress call finds its way from deep within the Clockworks to Cradle's surface. Is it a cry for help? Is it a trap? In any case, you'll need to be properly equipped to find out, and the Haven Treasury can help!

From now until 10:00 AM PDT on September 24th, 2012, we're giving away free Surge Prize Boxes with select energy purchases!

Each Surge Prize Box has a special prize inside. Possible prizes include unique variant tickets, as well as a variety of blue-and-red-colored Surge costume gear, such as the brand new Flak Jacket and Draped Armor styles. Not only that, but a lucky few players may find the very rare Hacked Aura accessory inside! Each box also has a chance to contain a piece of bonus equipment, such as a Slot Upgrades or a Heat Amplifier.

Remember: Surge Prize Boxes require no key to open, and all items found inside a Surge Prize Box are unbound, so share with your friends!

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