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Operation: DOOM

The curse status is greatly feared by many creatures on Cradle. It leaves the victim impaired and unable to attack at full force without crippling results. Spiral HQ researched the effects of this status and has created costume helms, armors and accessories that are sure to give your enemies pause in the Clockworks.

Wicked Prize Boxes are available for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for more information!

Kataclysmic Confrontation!

Someone or something is again summoning hordes of cursed Black Kats into the Clockworks. These shadowy beasts hunger for arcane power and immediately raided the Moorcroft Manor Archives' precious collection of magical grimoires. These ancient tomes contain dark rituals that could be catastrophic in the wrong hands!

Collect Ancient Page tokens through the daily Prestige Mission, or as drops from black kat monsters in the Clockworks. Return the pages to Montague in Moorcroft Manor in exchange for Kat Tribe Fetish crafting materials. Visit the Mysterious Alchemy Machine to craft kat-themed gear!

Ratchet Up Your Gear!

The innovative minds at Spiral HQ have created gear and accessories to help knights adapt to the harshest environments, and to mimic the monsters of Cradle. Now, Spiral HQ is inspired by the very structure of Cradle, the Clockworks. Extraordinary Prize Boxes contain mechanical accessories including the new Splendid Topper and Clockwork Crest! These accessories are sure to revitalize your vigor and bring the pep back into your stride!

Extraordinary Prize Boxes can be purchased for $4.95 each, 5 boxes for $19.95 or 14 boxes for $49.95.

See the announcement post for all the details!

The Flickering Flame

Spiral HQ is monitoring strange energy readings from deep within the Clockworks. Kora reports this energy may be related to the Artifact. Vanguard knights report to Kora for mission details and delve deeper into the mysteries of Cradle!

Auction House Sale!

Keep an eye on the Auction House through May 11, as lots of interesting goodies will be appearing. Hunt for bargains, or bid on a rare shiny that has always caught your eye!

Stock will change periodically, so check back often to see what's on the auction block!

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