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Celebrate the Solstice!

Which Solstice do you celebrate this month - summer or winter? The Solstice Prize Box has both! These special boxes require no key to open, and include Summer and Winter Accessories and Confetti, UV Tickets, and a bonus chance to receive a Bucket of Snowballs.

From now through the end of December 23rd, 2013, Haven Treasury is offering a Solstice Prize Box for every $9.95 spent on select energy purchases.

See the announcement post for the details and a complete list of prizes!

Grinchlin Assault!

The Grinchlins have vowed to destroy Impostoclaus and steal all his presents! Spiral HQ has located the Grinchlin base of operations on Mount Krampus and tasked you with putting an end to their humbug. Journey through the base to the summit. Your objective is to defeat the Grinchlins and their allies. This faction of Gremlins is very stingy and will not drop loot during battle. Their treasure is stored in shelters throughout the stronghold. Face a choice at each shelter - collect the loot and leave the mountain, or leave the treasure and continue further! Collect special materials from Mount Krampus to craft 5* Grinchlin weapons.

Knights who brave this dangerous mission to the summit, will have a chance to win Golden or Silver Solstice Rings. These 4* trinkets protect against fire and freeze with a +1 health bonus. Combine them together to craft a 5* Grand Solstice Ring trinket.

Happy Winterfest!

As the weather turns cold and the snow begins to fall, the Strangers and snipes invite you to celebrate Winterfest. Impostoclaus arrives to bring delight and glee to all creatures of Cradle. This year’s festivities include a new Prestige Mission, Grinchlin weapons, and seasonal costumes and accessories!

Warning! Impostoclaus is under attack in Emberlight! The green-furred Gremlins called Grinchlins have returned this Winterfest and vowed to destroy Impostoclaus. Feed him milk and cookies to keep him strong and help him deliver presents to the children of Emberlight. Defeat the Grinchlins and win Winter Wish tokens. Then visit Randolph in Haven Town Square to exchange Winter Wishes for festive helms, Winter Confetti, Snowballs, and Frosty Prize Boxes.

Visit the Supply Depot for festive accessories and costumes, Winterfest Decoration Kits and Polar Prize Boxes! Be sure to visit the Auction House for more seasonal goodies in the Featured Auctions!

Feathery Fall in Haven!

This fall, Haven is overrun with gobbling snipes! Visit the Supply Depot and purchase Gobble Snipe Boxes to create a flock of Gobble Snipes in your guild hall. Gobble Snipes are available in autumn colors brown, black and gold. To help with your festive fall look, the Supply Depot is featuring a seasonal-colored Leafy Aura accessory.

To celebrate this wondrous migration of snipes, the Strangers have a cornucopia of gifts for all knights who log into the game between November 27th and December 3rd. This one-time gift includes a 2-day Heat Amplifier, Krogmo Coin Booster, Trinket Slot Upgrade and a Dual Heart Pendant trinket. Knights who reach rank 7-1 and higher will also receive a Gift of Autumn trinket.

Haven Treasury is having a sale on all purchases of our DLC. From now through December 3rd, the Guardian Armor Pack will be 50% off and Operation Crimson Hammer will be 75% off!

Dark Harvest Festival Returns!

Join the Strangers as they celebrate the Dark Harvest Festival. This annual tribute to the Punkin King ensures an abundant fall harvest. Find the Punkin King through the daily prestige mission. Lucky knights may also find him in any Clockwork Tunnels levels while adventuring. Collect Candy tokens from the mischievous Punkin King and exchange them in Haven Town Square for festive masks or Harvest Prize Boxes!

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