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Stealth Operations

Greetings Knights!

Spiral HQ has created a stealthy set of high flyin’ and camouflage items that cannot be seen by any electronic devices. Take flight on clandestine night operations in various environments with the help of this stealth gear. Soar into ShadowTech Boxes to zero in on ShadowTech costumes, Contrails Auras, Swing Wings, and other accessories.

Flying under the radar isn’t just about invisibility in the skies. You also need to be able to blend into your surroundings. An operation could be on a beach or on the frozen tundra. This ShadowTech box should have you covered no matter where your mission takes you.

The ShadowTech contains items in the ShadowTech color schemes like:

  • Airbraker costume shields (4 colors)
  • Contrails Aura (4 colors)
  • Swing Wings
  • Doggie Tails
  • Dynamic Accessories
  • Costumes
  • Accessories

Gobble Snipes Waddle Their Back Into Haven!

Our plump little friends, the Gobble Snipes, are on their yearly migration to...we're not really sure where. Hmm. To protect them in transit we Spiral HQ has enclosed them in Gobble Snipe Boxes Boxes. Rest assured I’ve been told there are air holes this time.

Should you wish to host one of these fluffy creatures in your Guild Hall, these boxes can be had through November 29, 2019.

The Apocrean Harvester Returns!

Warning knights!

We have confirmed that the Apocrean Harvester has returned again. Spiral HQ needs your help!

From now through December 5th, travel onto the Grasping Plateau full of trapped souls and phantom-like monsters. In a maze-like graveyard, knights will find the Apocrea trapping and collecting souls. This sinister being will pursue any who enter the Grasping Plateau hoping to add to the collection. Work together to free souls and find Apocrean Sigil tokens which can be used at the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the Grasping Aura.

You don't want to get caught out there alone--definitely bring your friends with you on this mission, and try not to lose sight of them!

Dark Harvest Returns

The Dark Harvest Festival makes its return! It’s no trick, the Punkin King and his gourdlings are causing sweet, sweet chaos in the Clockworks!

Find the Punkin King in the daily prestige mission, The Dark Harvest. However, don't let your guard down, because he could also show up elsewhere when you least expect it! Collect candy tokens, then trade with Maskwell in Haven Town Square for:

  • Frankenzom masks
  • Spookat masks
  • Phantom masks
  • Scarab masks
  • Harvest Prize Boxes

Should you find yourself in possession of any interesting crafting material as a result of a Punkin King encounter, visit the Mysterious Alchemy Machine.

The Dark Harvest Prize Box contains costumes and accessories within the Dark Harvest theme. Trade in your tokens to discover the offerings. This year, the festival runs through November 4, 2019. Your candy tokens and Maskwell will stick around through November 7, 2019.

Another Cue from Nature


TO: All Knights

FROM: Spiral HQ

SUBJECT: Taking Another Cue From Nature

In order that we may better survive while on Cradle, Spiral HQ science teams continue to gather data on ways to blend in with local flora and fauna. Study and analysis are ongoing, and as part of that, we ask for your assistance again with field testing.

Volunteers for OPERATION MIMIC TWO will receive, as part of the Vile Prize Box, items that mimic some of the most toxic creatures on this planet. For example:

* Venom Fiend Wings

* Venom Fiend Mail

* Venom Fiend Mask

* Venomous Aura

* Vile Helms and Armors

* Vile Accessories

SUMMARY: OPERATION MIMIC is go! Please remember to report your findings to Spiral HQ.

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