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The Apocrean Harvester Returns!

Warning knights!

We have confirmed that the Apocrean Harvester has returned again. Spiral HQ needs your help!

From now through July 24, travel onto the Grasping Plateau full of trapped souls and phantom-like monsters. In a maze-like graveyard, knights will find the Apocrea trapping and collecting souls. This sinister being will pursue any who enter the Grasping Plateau hoping to add to the collection. Work together to free souls and find Apocrean Sigil tokens which can be used at the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the Grasping Aura.

You don't want to get caught out there alone--definitely bring your friends with you on this mission, and try not to lose sight of them! Click below for a detailed brief.

Breach The Vault

The Golden Slime Casino has been hoarding the crowns collected from knights in secret. For some time the search has been on for these vast riches. Knights even tried bribing Smitty for the location, but he either couldn’t be bought or he wasn’t trusted with such sensitive information.

Spiral HQ has recently acquired intel indicating that hidden within the Clockworks are mysterious Treasure Vaults containing untold wealth. Could this be the mysterious hoards of the Casino? It’s difficult to tell given the unique defenses employed to protect the trove.

Your task is to survive these unique defenses and raid the treasures within. Take precautions though, these defences are commanded by a mythical impersonator and her minions. Not everything is as it seems and there is safety in numbers.

Take a look at some of the changes and new additions you’ll find in the game:

- Treasure Vault levels can be found in all tiers.

- Treasure Vaults contain new creatures and threats such as:

- Razors. “The best a trap can get”.

- Baby Mimic. Known amongst the denizens of the Clockwork as the Mini Mimic.

- Treasure Mimic. This new mini boss lords over the treasure vault and all the minions within.

- These levels are part of normal gate rotation, not a new mission set.

- Gates will be cycled after release so that at least one Treasure Vault level is immediately available.

- Echo blocks. They give as good as they get.

- Monster Garages. Because Drops can be unruly when hanging out with friends, they’re sometimes forced to live in a garage.

- New type of pressure pad that require all be depressed at the same time, but don’t need to remain down in order to activate a door.

Additional Changes:

- We’ve renamed the levels that were previously called “Treasure Vault” to “Treasure Trove” in order to limit confusion between the two areas.

- A number of new standard rooms have been added to the Clockworks. This will increase the diversity of rooms you see within a level while exploring the depths.

- Fix to the images displayed in the billing section of the Supply Depot.

- Style change to the toggle switches. They will show their state, switching between yellow and purple.

Summer Solstice Has Returned

Attention Knights!

Spiral HQ is having their annual celebration of the sun and these long summer days. Through June 26, 2019, the Haven Treasury is offering Solstice Prize Boxes.

In these boxes, you may find the following items:

- Variant Tickets

- Crest of Summer / Crest of Winter

- Wings of Summer / Wings of Winter

- Sunshine Aura

- Snowfall Aura

- Crown of Winter / Crown of Summer

- Buckets of Snowballs

- Buckets of Bloons

- Jar of Fireflies

Each Solstice Prize Box also includes confetti and has a bonus chance of including one of the following: Bucket of Bloons, Bucket of Snowballs, Golden Slime Coins, 2-day trinket slot upgrade or to get a Jar of Fireflies.

Tortodrones Flyin’ High

Greetings Knights!

Take flight on an adventure and reach new heights with the help of this highly visible gear. Spiral HQ has created a special set of high flyin’ items that can still be spotted from land. Soar into AeroTech Boxes to zero in on costumes, Contrails Auras, Swing Wings, and all new accessories.

In order to maintain altitude, it’s important to be able to keep your speed up and maintain your course. That’s why we’ve manufactured a Airbraker shield. Now it’s time that we give these shields the costume treatment they deserve so they can stand out in crowded skies. This shield helps deflect any incoming projectiles while in a chaotic dogfight. If that doesn’t work, dash away and hope the bright shine of your Chaff Pack distracts them.

The Aerodynamic Box contains items in the Tech color schemes like:

  • Airbraker costume shields
  • Contrails Aura
  • Swing Wings
  • Chaff Packs - Give it a Dash!
  • Dynamic Accessories
  • Costumes
  • Accessories

More information on the AeroTech Prize Box and its contents may be found here.

Spiral HQ calls upon you to once again assist the Tortodrones on their Long Migration. This is proving irresistible to the fiendish denizens of the Clockworks who are gathering tortodrone parts for mysterious purposes! Take up arms to investigate and defend against this terrible mischief, and explore the Clockworks to gather fiendish glyphs.

Be sure to collect Ancient Shell materials from the Ancient Grove to craft 3*, 4* and 5* Tortodrone handguns and shields at the Mysterious Alchemy Machine!

The Spiral HQ intel forecasting interns predicts the Tortodrone migration will continue through June 11th. We’re counting on you to protect the magnificent Tortodrones!

Hog Wild


Spiral HQ has developed some equipment for knights whose battle skills have aged like a fine swine. Sure, they can wear any gear, but it pays to be piggy. It’s snout any day you have an opportunity to go whole hog. Sow get on with it.

Go whole hog with Battle Boar Boxes to wallow in new gear and accessories.

The Battle Boar Box contains items such as:

  • Piggy Sprite
  • Snout Patrol Pendants
  • Piggy Bankers (bomb)
  • Battle Boar Suits
  • Battle Boar Helmets
  • Various other accessories for knights to hog.

These boxes won't last long, so hoof it.

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