A Wicked Good Time


TO: All Knights

FROM: Spiral HQ

SUBJECT: Something Wicked


Today Spiral HQ expands a line of gear that should help you blend into environs riddled with cursed monsters. We bring these to you in the Wicked Prize Box, with contents including the following:

- Wicked Leafy auras

- Wicked Dragon and Valkyrie Wings

- Nefarious Hoods and Raiments

- Wicked Doggie Tails

- Crests of Curse

- Wicked Costumes

- Wicked Accessories

Now, we tested thoroughly, and we're happy to report that these items do not actually give you a curse status. You can proceed onto the field confident that your abilities are unchanged and you are not cursed*.

SUMMARY: These items are wicked awesome, and will be available to you through November 16, 2020.

*Given 2020, we felt the need to clarify that.

¡Regresa el Festival de la Cosecha Oscura!


¡Prepárense para el Festival de la Cosecha Oscura! ¡El Punkin King y sus gourdlings andan sueltos y causando un dulce, dulce caos en los Mecanismos!

Encuentra al Punkin King en la misión diaria de prestigio, La Cosecha Oscura, pero no bajes la guardia en todas partes, porque también podría aparecer donde menos lo esperes! Colecciona sellos de dulce e intercámbialos con Maskwell en la Plaza del Pueblo de Haven por:

  • Máscaras Frankenzom
  • Máscaras Spookat
  • Máscaras Phantom
  • Máscaras Scarab
  • Cajas de Premio Cosecha

Si te encuentras en poder de algún material de transmutación interesante como resultado de un encuentro con el Punkin King, visita la Máquina de Alquimia Misteriosa.

Tus sellos de dulce y Maskwell se quedarán hasta que termine el 7 de noviembre de 2020.

Falling Into Haven


If the leaves are beginning to turn and there's a little chill in the air where you're stationed, we've got some ways for you to warm up and savor the season!* How about a game knight with a game of chess. If so, grab yourself a few mini chess pieces from the Supply Depot. Games aren't your thing, how about cooking? While we can't help you create a sour dough starter, we can offer an Overcharged Mixmaster for sale on the Auction House.

If ye just want to enjoy the colors of fall, behold the Autumn Prize Box, where you can get items like:

- Autumn Accessories

- Autumn Helms and Armors

- Autumn Aura

- Punkin Cinnamug

- Wooly Pullover

You can spot these boxes available on the Supply Depot through October 19, 2020.

*No unauthorized bonfires, please. Remember how one got out of control and we had the smell of singed Gobble Snipe feathers in the air in Haven for days? No one needed that. Don't be that knight.

Hail, knights!

The cosmos briefly swings into balance. The Strangers have brought forth celestially-themed offerings in the Equinox Prize Box, available to you through September 25th:

  • Celestial Orbitgun
  • Celestial Vortex
  • Celestial Saber
  • Celestial Shield
  • Orbit Aura
  • Solar and Cosmic Plasma Wings
  • Celestial Dragon/Valkyrie Wings
  • Celestial Nav Helm and Suit
  • Galactic Guardian Helm and Vest
  • Celestial Accessories
  • Unique Variant Tickets

For the full rundown on the Equinox Prize Box, check here.

Keep an eye out for Nonna near the Haven fountain! It’s time to adopt a buddy who always has your back (or front).

¡Una Confrontación Kataclísmica!

¡de nuevo recibimos reportes de Black Kats en los Mecanismos! Las hordas de sombrías bestias hambrientas de poder arcano y continuamente arrasan la preciosa colección de grimorios mágicos de los Archivos Moorcroft Manor.

Colecciona sellos Página Antigua en la Misión de Prestigio diaria o como recompensas de los monstruos Black Kat en los Mecanismos. Lleva los sellos con Montague en Moorcroft Manor a cambio de materiales de manufactura Kat Tribe Fetish. ¡Visita la Máquina de Alquimia Misterios para crear equipo con tema kat!

¡Mira el último Vídeo!
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