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Gobble Snipes Waddle Their Way Back!


Our plump little friends, the Gobble Snipes, are on their yearly migration to...we're not really sure where. Hmm. To protect them in transit we Spiral HQ has enclosed them in Gobble Snipe Boxes Boxes. Rest assured I’ve been told there are air holes this time.

Should you wish to host one of these fluffy creatures in your Guild Hall, these boxes can be had through December 1, 2017.

Return Of The Apocrean Harvester

Head’s up knights!

We have confirmed that the Apocrean Harvester has returned again. Spiral HQ needs your help!

From now through November 30th, travel onto the Grasping Plateau full of trapped souls and phantom-like monsters. In a maze-like graveyard, knights will find the Apocrea trapping and collecting souls. This sinister being will pursue any who enter the Grasping Plateau hoping to add to the collection. Work together to free souls and find Apocrean Sigil tokens which can be used at the Obelisk of Creation to craft Obsidian weapons and the Grasping Aura.

You don't want to get caught out there alone--definitely bring your friends with you on this mission, and try not to lose sight of them!

Shades of Grey and the Style Kit Update

Greetings Knights!

In an effort to make it easier to give your knight the best look, the gremlins at Spiral HQ have created a Style Kit. Now you can easily swap between appearance modifiers (personal colors, eyes, and height) once you have added them to your Kit.

  • Access your Style Kit through the knight portrait in the upper left of the screen.
  • Once you have your kit, any modifier you use will be added to that kit.
  • You can swap between items you have used using the menu for a small fee. The fee is to help prevent people from spamming public areas with changes and would distracting to other players.
  • Vatel will now offer to sell height modifiers.
  • Modifiers you have previously used will not be added, only those you use after this point.

With fall here and knights using their Style Kits, Haven is bursting with color. But once a knight descends into the Clockworks their decisions aren't black and white, they're somewhere in the Grey. With this in mind, Spiral HQ has put together a box for knights with singular tastes.

Dig into a Grey Prize Box and find a grey costumes, accessories, a grey footstep aura, or sprite pods. Lucky knights might find a Silver Personal Color that they can add to their Style Kit. This silver color change will not be added to Vatel’s inventory in Haven.

The Grey Prize Box contains items such as:

  • Silver Personal Color
  • Grey Aura
  • Maskeraith Pod (Grey), Drakon Pod (Grey), and Seraphynx Pod (Grey)
  • Grey Dragon and Valkyrie Wings
  • Costumes
  • Accessories

Dark Harvest Festival Is Back!


The Dark Harvest Festival makes its return! It’s no trick, the Punkin King and his gourdlings are causing sweet, sweet chaos in the Clockworks!

Find the Punkin King in the daily prestige mission, The Dark Harvest. However, don't let your guard down, because he could also show up elsewhere when you least expect it! Collect candy tokens, then trade with Maskwell in Haven Town Square for:

  • Frankenzom masks
  • Spookat masks
  • Phantom masks
  • Scarab masks
  • Harvest Prize Boxes - New Harvest Accessories!

Should you find yourself in possession of any interesting crafting material as a result of a Punkin King encounter, visit the Mysterious Alchemy Machine.

The Dark Harvest Prize Box 2017 has been reworked to include new accessories within the Dark Harvest theme. Trade in your tokens to discover some of the new offerings. This year, the festival runs through November 1, 2017. Your candy tokens and Maskwell will stick around through November 5, 2017.

A Knight's Life for Me!

Ahoy Knights!

Spiral HQ is shipping in some new cargo for ye scallywags. Several new items await ye landlubbers like the Keelhauled aura or a Powder Keg. Be warned mates; some of this gear may be hazardous to yer health, or rather yer limbs. Rum now while ye have the chance!

The Buccaneer Booty Box contains items such as:

  • Keelhauled Aura
  • Buccaneer Broadsider - Gun
  • Dread Captain Cutlass - Sword
  • Powder Keg - Bomb
  • Ship Wheel - Shield
  • Captain Coats (plus rare versions) - Look out mates, some of these are more dastardly than others.
  • Buccaneer Bicorne (plus rare versions)
  • Skull Eyes
  • Various new piratey accessories

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